We Create High Performing Optimized Content In Your Brand Voice and Get It In Front Of The Right Audience, On The Right Channel At The Right Time


Our Services Empower Your Copy To Do Epic Things

We Write, Optimize, Deliver and Market Your Copy The Right Way

    Content Strategy

    Get original enchanting blogs, ebooks, infographics and website copy for your business.

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    Landing Page Optimization

    Convert more visitors into customers with professionally optimized landing pages.

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    Email Marketing

    We Will Make Your Online Email Newsletter Process Smooth and Effective.

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    Brand Storytelling

    Your brand story is more than narrative content. Learn how to make your brand come alive.

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The Process

We Optimize Your Content Marketing Process

1 Research

We learn everything about your business. We talk about your audience, conversion goals, growth markers and everything else that’s important to you.

2 Define Goals

We discuss what you want to achieve with your content, and deliver content that does exactly that.

3 Create Copy

It's now time to give you something you can actually read. We create tailor made creative content that follows the PAS (problem, agitate, solve) formula.

4 Test

We test your landing pages and emails in-house to see if your customers are responding to them. If they aren’t, we toss the old ones and start again from scratch.

5 Revise & Promote

We revise your copy if testing reveals some leaks in it.

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With eCopyDesk You Get …

  • To speed up your content marketing process
  • To use your marketing budget more effectively
  • Your copy revised until you're satisfied
  • To enjoy more customer acquisition and better engagement
  • 100% original copy from real people who care about your business

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