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Want your business to reach new heights with original, optimized content?

eCopyDesk is not your run of the mill content marketing agency. It doesn’t hire scores of writers from all over the web and pass your copy over to them while they sit comfortably in their chairs sipping mocha lattes.


When you hire eCopyDesk for your copy needs, Aisha listens to everything you have to say about your business, and on occasion makes small talk as well.

She handles your business like she does her own, with love and care- worrying about leads not converting and traffic not coming. She doesn’t just write your copy, she manages and measures your copy as well.

So, who is this marketing maven?


Meet Aisha

A born wordsmith, she wrote her first poem about creepy crawly spiders when she was only 6. She has six years of copywriting experience, mostly working as a masked freelancer for clients from all over the world.

She knew her copy engaged readers, but because she didn’t own that content she couldn’t take credit for anything. She’s finally had enough of the freelance world. Deciding it was her time to join the limelight her copy had enjoyed time and again- she co-founded eCopyDesk to get real recognition for her work.

She has a Masters degree in English Literature and another one in Public Policy. She is an avid fiction reader and sort of a goof, breaking into fits of laughter she can never explain. She won’t begin to write a single word unless she’s had her morning chai and watched an episode of the latest sitcom- she currently has her eyeballs on “The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt”.

She gets pissed when someone calls her on it; it’s all part of her creative process she protests.

Think Aisha can give your website a boost? Hire her to make your business copy better now.

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