5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening for the Sake of Your Startup

Ever since I was a little girl I had the nasty habit of reading. Yes, I know what I said. Most parents would be proud to have a kid that would spend time on this positive activity, as were mine. Until I got older and had “responsibilities” (basically chores). My parents would give me tasks to complete before they went out, and come back to see messy dishes, my sister – unattended – near mom’s makeup box, and my head buried in a book.


Life got easier once the audiobooks and podcasts came out. At first I was mortified at how it was nothing like reading a book and that I’d rather be caught dead watching the movie (I was one of those weird book clubbing teenagers. Thank God that changed). It just wasn’t the same for me. So I continued with my old ways, not caring how hard it was to do all my work and get a good read as I got older.


About a few years ago I gave the trend another try. Turns out, the idea of listening to books was fantastic! You could get your work done and read a good book without feeling guilty about wasting the day. Pretty soon I was getting chores done like Speedy Gonzales with A Feast For Crows playing in my ears.

The only thing better than audiobooks were podcasts. It was like listening to radio shows, only you didn’t have to wait for them on a specific time. You could download them and listen whenever, wherever, however you wanted. You can find endless podcasts on a diverse range of topics like humor, social issues or entertainment podcasts.

It wasn’t until a few months ago when I was introduced to the world of inbound marketing podcasts. Countless downloads on inbound marketing strategies that you can learn and without wasting hours reading posts on blogs (not that there’s anything wrong with that either).


To help you, eCopyDesk has compiled in this post 5 podcast you simply need to listen to for you start up business.


This year, iTunes has blessed us with The Startup Chat. Sales and marketing experts, Steli Efti and Hiten Shah, share brilliant conversations on tips and tricks you can use while starting up your business. The podcast delivers humorous, spontaneous and effective points on what a business goes through in the initial stages and what entrepreneurs could do to make the most of it.

The Startup Chat is a great place to learn about branding, followers, customers and general business dos and don’ts. What I love about the show is that they have kept their conversation as real as possible, which quite honestly, helps me understand what they are talking about. Spontaneous comments and light humor seems to effectively work on keeping the audience’s attention and getting their point across. What else could you probably want from a podcast?


However, episode 030: How to get your first 10 customers is something you should definitely listen to if your business is in its initial startup stages and you’re looking to make customers. In this 20 minute podcast, Hiten and Steli take us through different strategies that can help you get enough traffic to be able to make customers.

Apart from many tips, the dynamic marketing duo talks about making landing pages. Nothing fancy, just something simple with a home page and can collect emails. Email list building strategies work great for creating direct potential customers. Collect your visitors’ emails and start interacting with them about your product.

Another way to go around this is to start blogging. Make a blog for your website and start posting about what your business does and other things that people might consider relevant. After that you start blogging about your product and what it can really do for your consumers.

Twitter is also a great way to attract attention to your product. You can simply set up a twitter account and start interacting with people. Join in conversations using the #tag to find audiences on the social media platform.

jpeg steli

The duo also talked about another really brilliant tactic startup businesses can use: Consultancy!

Your business can start by consulting around a problem people face, and then build tools to solve said problems. To do that you must identify your authentic competitive advantage and how it can help you score some customers. Once you have that figured out, start on customer development to be able to explore the problem even deeper. Interact with people to find out more about it.

Once you understand the problem and have a ready solution, Steli advises you start pricing 3x what your instinct says so. You can offer discounts for your startup customers but it helps in determining the value of your solution.

Overall, the podcast has some great punches, simple to implement tactics and some brilliant suggestions. If you already have a product in mind and don’t know where to start getting customers, this one is something you should definitely give a listen to.


Successful businessman and marketing expert, Gary Veynerchuk, hosts a pretty impressive show called the #AskGaryVee on YouTube, but he does have a point when he says you can’t really listen to him in the gym, or while driving. So, what did he do? He started making podcasts of his videos. They are available on iTunes and SoundCloud so you can easily download them and keep them for later. Gary is a loud, spunky and full of energy when it comes to hosting a podcast.

He’s likes to get to the point as fast as possible, which makes his podcasts really full of information. Sometimes it feels like too much so I pause and rewind while listening, so I can fully understand what he is trying to say, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Gary has fresh ideas and strategies, and a different take on how to implement them.


For those of you who are quite fresh to the business field and looking for a lot of FAQs, check out this episode of the #AskGaryVee – 24 questions answered in 24 minutes.

I have to say the guy talks with remarkable speed, and his energy doesn’t let you drift of for a second. In this episode, Gary talks about whether you should use English as a medium for content if it is not your native language, his perspective on what the future holds for Facebook marketing, along with some other personal, funny questions.

Is this 24ish minute podcast Gary talks about a lot of random things but some points you can really sort of relate to. Now, you are a new business with an awesome product but you don’t know where to start. What do you do? Gary answers this question very simply by talking about how he would maximize his sales if he were selling Girl Scout cookies.

The first thing he would do is have a meeting with his parents where he would try to find out who their 11 best friends are, then try and sell to them. He further talks about how he would knock at least twice on every door in the neighborhood just to show them how persistent he is.

He also talks about making content that has chances of going viral to make people come to you to buy your product.


Furthermore, somewhere in the middle he is asked about how much personal is too personal? Gary explains that some people are more conservative than others so you should really post according to how conservative your crowd is. However, he enjoys posting personal things on his social media accounts because it allows people to get closer to him.

By the end of the podcast, after he talks about his love for sports and his not so great fear of cows, Gary talks about how Facebook is a great platform to engage with an audience that has private interests. There is enough data on your audience available of the site to determine what they like or don’t like and you can post content accordingly. Thus attracting more attention to your site

Gary has other great podcasts that you can take great help from, but as a startup business, this podcast answers a lot of questions that may be packed at the back of your head but you haven’t realized them. Plus, Gary gives great tips on how to handle social media platforms for different audiences and tools, and keeps the podcast light with random questions that simply help you get to know him better.


If you are a person who has no clue of businesses and has somehow started one, you need to download this podcast series! StartUp is a narration by Alex Blumberg on how to deal with a business you started from scratch.


While starting his business, the Dating Ring, Alex talks about all the risks entailed, the hardships of nailing a pitch, how finding a business partner is like finding a romantic partner, and tiny dilemmas like what shoes to wear when meeting an investor. However,through out the series we see his determination and incredible ability to not give up.

Though it may be a bit slow for my taste, but the StartUp podcast has a magnificent story of a business starting from scratch and not only facing risks like investors and finding business partners, but also of problems faced that are more closer to social reality, such as sexism, disagreements between founders and impeccably hard fundraising.

jpeg gimplet startup

The series has now reached pretty far, with 2 seasons and more than 20 episodes, narrating literally every thought that may go through an normal person’s mind while stepping into the process of starting business.

Their latest episode, 116 Men and a Baby, Alex, along with his co workers, talks about how the Dating Ring has turned into a lifestyle company.

They share some great tips on getting to know your customers, information that is crucial for Dating Ring. Furthermore, they talk about more than 80 people who have come to them, as compared to the 12-13 people the Dating Ring would attract generally before StartUp was launched. Basically, podcasting can really help in attracting potential customers to your business.


If you want to know step by step details of how to startup, here’s your stop. Give the series a bit of time. They may seem a bit slow at first but in time you can see the story develop and pretty soon you will be in that phase where you want to binge on episodes because you cant help wanting to know what happens next.


Amy Porterfield, is crazy good! She has these really simple tools that can help you get more potential leads and traffic. Her podcasts are interesting and engaging, where she talks about tons of information that you can relate to your business. Plus, her examples are fun and keep you from dozing off in the middle of the podcast.

She gives great advice on optimization tools, social media tools and copywriting that is capable of targeting a larger audience. It was pretty hard to choose what podcast to write about, but I believe a start up business needs to create a great About Us page. The about us page is sometimes the most visited page on your website.


In order to create a killer about page, give a listen to this episode, 065: The art of a winning ‘About’ page. The podcast keeps emphasizing how when a visitor is on the about page, they are (figuratively) there to meet you. She talks about how the information on the about page shows your importance and individuality, but keep it just enough to make them want to get to know you more.

She also adds that instead of going on and on about what you do, try adding a little bit about why you do it. Try to highlight how you want to serve the world. This is what gives people a reason to care for your business.  Your about page should reflect why you had to start your business and how it can bring a difference.


Melissa continues to say that though it is important to mention your credentials but try not listing them. You may impress some people but this is where most visitors get bored and leave. Try to make your credentials fun or easier to read.

Turn them into magazine or billboard designs, or make use of light humor to get your credentials through. She further talks about mentioning people you have served. It need not be clients, it could be your general audience.

For example, you can share how you’ve served more than 3000 people with a certain advise. Or talk about some famous clients too if they allow it.

This episode shares a great deal of insight on about pages, which makes it important for you to listen to as a startup business. Don’t procrastinate on it because this could be the most visited page on your website. Apart from that, this is one of the best places to start building email lists that you could turn into potential customers.

The 45+ minute episode can be a bit long, but it does have some great points you could use to create a great impact on your audience and get to show them that you are important, and according to Amy, gives them a reason to care.


Last on our list is Inside Social Media, hosted by Rick Mulready who is an expert in the field of social media. In his podcast, Rick talks about how important social media is for entrepreneurs and how they can use it to boost business. H discusses how to use social media for branding, how to find customers using such platforms and social strategies that can help your business grow.

As a startup business, I would suggest you listen to his episode, 048: Keys to Small Business Social Media Success, Rick and his guest for the night, Alex Huot, talk about what it is that helps small businesses nail the social media game.

In this 50 minute episode, the two discuss how to handle negative publicity, dos and don’ts of the major social platforms and a real case study on the social strategy behind the Sochi Games.


Furthermore, Rick and Alex discuss how to choose the right social media platform for your business. Alex reflects that the world today is more mobile where people are hyperconnected to each other. This sort of makes Instagram and Facebook equally important.

For the right social platform you should study your product further, understand your target audience and see which platform works best. So for example, if you need to target a younger generation with a shorter attention span, Instagram could be great for you because the content is mostly attractive images that catches attention fast.

33333 (1)

Alex also says that keeping your profile real is important. So no faking, or lying about yourself or your product. That could adversely affect your image in the social world.

Big business or small, social media is super important! Followers can greatly affect your business and help you generate more leads. As a startup business, there are a lot of tips and tricks you could find on this podcast to help you build an awesome profile in the social world.


By the end of listening to these podcasts, you should have a list of things you need to start doing next.

First off, GET YOUR LANDING PAGE! Nothing fancy. As long as it’s functional, you’re doing it right. Collect email addresses from your audience and start building your email lists. Also, blog about what you do, how you do it and post other relevant stuff that might interest your audience. You can use your blog to start consulting on peoples’ problems and then build tools to solve those problems.

Secondly, you need to stay persistent on selling your product. You may have a lot of moments in the initial stages where you feel like its failing. Don’t doubt your ideas and stay focused on selling it. Giving up is in no way going to help.

Also, make an about page. This is just as important as making a landing page. A landing page may help you get more visitors, but its the about page that will help you create a connection with them. Make a simple, yet intriguing about us page that compels your audience to get to know you more.

Use social media to your advantage by creating profiles on platforms that best suit your business and your target audience. Post things that might interest them, and interact with your followers. Tell them about your product and what it can do for them.

Startups may seem very scary and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. It’s a big step into a highly competitive field where people will slay you if they see you as a threat. But if you know what to do and how to do it with some good blogs to help you out, it may not feel like walking into battle.

Here at the eCopyDesk blog, we keep posting advice on how to help your business grow using inbound marketing. We can be your step by step guide that doesn’t make you look stupid in front of your competitors. Subscribe to our blog to keep yourself updated with our posts.

If you need to know more on how to build landing pages or not sure on what to do with your about page, hit us an email. We’ll assist you throughout your startup and help your business stand on its own feet.

About the author / Ghashiya Kassim

Ghashiya Kassim is a blogger at eCopyDesk. Due to her social sciences background, she sees a lot of similarities between marketing strategies and general social norms such as dating, parenting, or life experiences almost all of us have gone through. That is reflected in her content through humor and endless pop culture references, something that keeps her audience engaged and compels them to read on and on.

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