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Email marketing is kind of our thing here at Rabbut, so we’re constantly on the lookout for techniques that gets people to anticipate your email. That said, we have 5 …

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What’s the goal of your website? Lead generation, right? Now tell me the goal of your landing page. Same answer? How about your PPC ad or the free ebook you’re …

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the image shows what to a/b test on your website

Here’s a stat for you need to munch on. “Poor A/B testing methodologies are costing online retailers up to $13bn a year in lost revenue” (Qubit) And though this stat …

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This image shows effective call to actin buttons

What is the one thing you want most for your website, landing page or Facebook ad? Action. As marketers we want our visitors to take action on our online pages, …

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The image describes how you can write your own headlines

We have a habit of putting things in tight little boxes. As early as middle school students get put into categories, some are defined as writers, others as artists and …

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email marketing-Thanks you pages

What is the one thing you most desire as an online marketer? More sales? More Conversions? Well, actually it’s your prospect’s email address- because everything starts with that email address. …

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How to improve your website copy

Your website is your identity in the online marketing world- people don’t care how skilled you are at talking about what you can and can’t do, what they care about …

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Startup marketing plan

Before we begin, I would just like you to remember that Cinderella landed a prince within 24 hours because she had a fairy godmother. Unfortunately, you don’t, so you will …

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Ever since I was a little girl I had the nasty habit of reading. Yes, I know what I said. Most parents would be proud to have a kid that …

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social media hacks

I clearly remember those times when I was a teenager, completely spellbound by Facebook (or maybe it was Orkut… hmm). I’d go online every ten minutes to check who wrote …

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