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Ever made a grammar mistake that made you feel silly? That’s okay. Most of us have been there, done that We’re human after all! But if made too often, bad …

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A wise man once said, ‘What goes up must come down’. Now we don’t know for sure what context that was said in, but if you take a closer look …

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No, a halo effect is not when the moon has a ring around it. Nor is it when friends start playing halo every Wednesday night after watching the Big Bang …

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It happens to be popular belief that an awesome landing page is what keeps your visitors hanging around the site. As true as that belief happens to be, a great …

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I don’t know what other people’s opinion on this is but if you ask me, the best time period in history was the 90’s. It was a wonderful decade that …

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digital marketing trends

One fine summer day, a man poured a bucket of ice water over his head, nominated his cousins to raise money for ALS and uploaded it onto the internet. In …

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“Would I look better in jeans or dresses?” “Should I get the blue tie or the green one?” “Does she like flowers or chocolates?” Almost every day, we come across …

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Ever wondered why you fail to make a sale? It doesn’t matter how much heart and soul you put into creating your website, writing posts for it and building landing …

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Being an entrepreneur it’s only natural for you to be excited about your product. And why shouldn’t you be? You built your company from the ground up, you spent many …

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content marketing fail

If you’re like most companies you have a fairly active blog, you publish a post once or twice a week and then share it promptly on social media. Why? Because …

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