How to Create Compelling Blog Content When You’re Just Starting Out

I don’t know what other people’s opinion on this is but if you ask me, the best time period in history was the 90’s. It was a wonderful decade that brought with it the Gigapets, Google, Viagra and of course, blogs!


Though blogging has evolved since its creation in the late 90s, it is still used as a platform to express opinions, thoughts and ideas on a global scale by individuals. Businesses and organizations today use blogging as a way of increasing their potential client base as well as their revenues.

However, you don’t just start a blog – you marry it! You find a blogging platform you like (the woman of your dreams), decide if you want a paid domain (BIGGG wedding), self host (friends and family) or get a free blog (Vegas chapels). Once that’s decided, you set up themes and fonts (make up and shoes!) and fill it with beautifully self written content (the honeymoon!) and finally you try to make it work with the intention of doing it for the rest of your life (‘and they lived happily ever after’)

It may seem hard if you’ve just started out as a blogger. It sometimes feels like you’re the cute, shy kid with the lemonade stand and nobody’s buying from it, until finally, one person does and tells everybody how wonderful your lemonade is and all of a sudden, you’re the richest kid in the neighborhood with the most candy.

But still… In order to get that one person to come to your blog you need creative, well written and compelling material. There are no hard and fast rules about what to write, each blogger has its own unique style. However, good content needs a good amount of time and attention. Here are a few guidelines that might help.


    Choosing a topic: Give it a good thinking. What is your topic and what exactly do you want to say about it? Have you experienced it? What are your opinions on it? These points will help shape your post and give it some originality as you write it. Readers LOVE originality.


    Work on the introduction: A good intro is like fishing. First impressions can be very important. If your intro has caught a reader’s attention pretty good, they will keep reading it on to know more.

    Explain what you want to say: It’s not just about adding a great title and a mind blowing intro. Why do you want people to know about your topic? This is where you explain to the readers what it is you’re talking about and why it matters. Your point should do a really good job at convincing people that you have NOT wasted their precious time.

    Quality control: When writing content it is important to keep up the quality of the content. Small mistakes can lead to big problems like creating barriers for many readers. It can be pretty wise to take the time and check for mistakes or potential errors and make it stand out.

    Link EVERYTHING!!!: Always make sure you give credit where it’s due. Add links to almost anything that you have mentioned. These could include articles, books, products or even other blogs.


    The Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) rule: Relax! Blogging isn’t rocket science. If you take yourself too seriously, readers might not and soon you’ll end up complicating posts and scare readers away.

    Add some feelings to your posts: Bringing in emotions can really improve the reader’s experience. Adding elements such as humor or surprise can do wonders for your content.

    Don’t shove everything into one post: Having more white space on your screen isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it assists in reading. A big block of words on the screen tend to bore readers away.

    Use bullet points where possible: If you’ve got a number of things to say about the same thing, make a list. Why?

    It’s easier to read
    Saves time
    Gets the point across
    Looks more organized

    Don’t be afraid to voice opinions: Opinions are what makes your content stand out. Let people know what you think about a certain topic and feel free to express your feelings towards it.

    It may seem a little complicated. Of course it won’t happen overnight, these things take a bit time. But if you give it the dedication it needs and keep adding quality work to it, it may grow into something big – even influential. Here are a few blogs to follow this August.



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Aisha Khalid is a content marketer who writes about conversion optimization and copywriting. Some would say she is obsessed with optimization techniques that take meh content and transform it into something that readers can gobble up. She’s on a mission to stomp out all corporate, boring speak giving way to words that actually matter.

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