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Are You Guilty of Committing This Online Marketing Mistake?

What is the one thing you most desire as an online marketer?

More sales? More Conversions?

Well, actually it’s your prospect’s email address- because everything starts with that email address.

Which is why we do everything in our power to get this email address. We create lead magnets and put them on sidebars of our website pages.

This is what QuickSprout does:

quick sprout lead magnet

We create pop-ups.

This is what we do on our blog.

eCopyDesk PopUp

And what Syed Balkhi of Optin Monster does on his blog.

syed balkhi

We basically do everything in our power to get that email address- from paid promotion to email marketing.

And on this hunt for the email address more often than not we forget one very important aspect of our marketing manners. We forget to craft few lines of copy that separate a happy satisfied customer from an unhappy, disgruntled one.

Fellow marketers we forget to craft a deliciously compelling Thank You page.

Why do You Need a Thank You page?

The conventional answer is basic courtesy.

You ask someone for something, they give it to you, you say thank-you.

The marketing answer is to nurture your leads and lead them further into your marketing funnel.

A thank-you page sets the right tone for your buyer journey. It ensures your visitors that the email address is not all that you needed from them, that your relationship with them is not over yet.

A thank you page essentially tells your visitors that you care about them, you acknowledge the fact that they trusted you with their email address and you appreciate them for it.

Because the fact is that your prospects aren’t just your prospects and your form is not the only form they entered their email address into. They are probably subscribed to your competitor’s blog, may be even downloaded an ebook from them- so how do you set yourself apart from the vast sea of competition? By optimizing your prospects buyer journey and this journey starts from your thank you page.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking into creating optimized buyer journeys, head on over to Autopilot. The service helps companies create remarkable experiences by creating automated customer journeys.

What Should Your Thank You Page Look Like?

You spent time optimizing your website didn’t you? What about your landing page? Well, your Thank You page should be no different. Your Thank You page is as important as any other page on your website, because this page also presents you with conversion opportunities if you craft it in the right way that is.

An optimized Thank You page must have:

– A thank you note.

– A welcoming message with personalized copy.

– Social sharing buttons that enable your visitors to either connect with you or share the goods they just downloaded.

Here’s how Syed Balkhi said thank you when I entered my email address on his blog.

syed balkhi thank you page

Not only that he also sent me a personalized email to say thank you and welcome me to his blog- heck he even sent me a free ebook.

syed balkhi welcoming email

And do you know what I’m going to do now? I’m going to visit his website again.

Wouldn’t you want your visitors to feel the same way? Of course you would.

This is not what Marie Claire did when I entered in my email address to gain access to their “50 Best Beauty Tips”.

marie claire beauty tips

I entered my email address and I was simply brought to this page– no thank you, no nothing.

This doesn’t make me feel so warm and fuzzy and this is not something your prospects should be feeling.

Pro Tip: Always give your prospects the warm nurturing feeling by saying thank you to them the right way. You can use templates offered by Instapage and HubSpot to create your Thank You pages too.

If you want to do it right, see how Duct Tape Marketing does it with their thank you page.

duct tape marketing thank you page

It’s a little longer than a usual thank you note, but it is also more personalized. It talks about what Duct Tape Marketing does, it tells you that the service also provides exclusive live webinars, monthly Q & A sessions with John Jantsh and a lot more.

Don’t miss out on a conversion opportunity by leaving your prospects wanting for more. Create thank you pages and ease them down your marketing funnel.

Have questions about crafting compelling thank you pages? Don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below.

About the author / Aisha Khalid

Aisha Khalid is a content marketer who writes about conversion optimization and copywriting. Some would say she is obsessed with optimization techniques that take meh content and transform it into something that readers can gobble up. She’s on a mission to stomp out all corporate, boring speak giving way to words that actually matter.

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