6 Techniques to Use on Your About Us page to Transform it into a Lead Generation Machine

It happens to be popular belief that an awesome landing page is what keeps your visitors hanging around the site. As true as that belief happens to be, a great landing page may keep visitors around for a few more minutes, but it’s the About Us page that really helps create chemistry between the client and the business.




Most businesses know how to play the leads game, and play a pretty good one too. This creates a bit of a pressure on the potential clients all over. The myths of marketing have been spooking them off for a few years now, making them more conscious of what kind of a business are they interacting with exactly.

A potential client does its research on a business before deciding if it wants to engage or not. Thanks to (awesome) series like How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Friends, and many many more, the people don’t just want somebody classy and good looking now. They want a special connection with someone who cares about the world, someone who owns up to what is said and most of all, someone who is REAL.

This is where the completely OH MY GOSH landing page has to step aside and let the about page handle it.

The About Us page should tell the readers what they want to know most: can you offer them what they need? If you nail that question, you’ve got yourself a lead!

Let’s take a walk through 6 techniques that can turn your about us page into a badass lead generating machine.

1. Make a statement

A lot like the little game called, ‘Haaaave You Met Ted?” Come up with a different way to introduce yourself. Try avoiding the overused “About Us” or “Meet the Team”. Make a statement that does a great job at defining you. It helps at grabbing their attention, and it’s quick.




Copyblogger’s Brian Clark states on his about page, ‘we don’t just teach content marketing… we built our company with it.’ It’s short, smart, and convinces visitors that he knows what he’s talking about and to read on and get to know more about Copyblogger.

2. Let them get to know the real you

How did your business start? What difficulties did it overcome? Any achievements won over its years of existence? Do you like the environment? Did you do something for the betterment of society? What is your unique value proposition? The About Us page is a great place to let visitors know about what your business is, rather than what your business does. People want to know if they are dealing with someone who can offer them what they really need. Telling them more about yourself helps build a bit more trust.


Dashing Dishes goes ahead and tells visitors about the owners of the business and what they aim to do, and frankly it’s hard not to trust someone with kids as cute as those.

3. Switch from “we” attitude to “you” attitude

Most sites start off with rambling about themselves. Visitors have seen enough of that. They want something fresh and new, so why not start by telling them what YOU can do for THEM. After a visitor is convinced that you are important, it will be more willing to read on. 


There’s a lot of awesomeness going on at Hubspot’s about page, but their section, the story behind our story, concentrates solely on what people want and what Hubspot can do for them. 

4. Tell a story

Having a good story to tell the world can be quiet a power. Stories have a way of alluring people and if they’re really enough, they spread like wildfire. They attract more leads than facts can.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks takes the visitor on a journey of how hammocks are trying to overcome poverty and make a brighter future. And it is a beautiful story.   


5. Use pictures

What better way to let visitors know about you than pictures? Displaying photographs of the business or the team working behind it can really help boost a visitor’s confidence in you.


Nerdery has a pretty cool about page, where not only have they told us about the company, but also visitors can get to know the staff working behind the curtains. Now that’s a great way to keep visitors on the site for longer periods of time.

6. Keep it nice and clean

Too much clutter on your about page can frighten visitors away. Try to keep it simple, easy to read and breathable for visitors. The simpler you keep it, the easier it is to handle. Not everything needs to go in there. Just important information that really helps your business shine.


Tumblr’s about page is minimalistic… and perfect.  It captivates the visitor’s attention using plain statistics, great photography a small paragraph explaining what Tumblr lets you do.

About pages can bring a certain level of reality to your site, which makes it easier for visitors to connect with you. The more real your about us page looks, the more leads it will automatically generate.


Here’s a few about us pages you should definitely check out this week:




It’s smart. It’s funny. It’s got a picture on it! Andrew Reifman keeps his about page clean, easy to read and light on the eyes. It’s nice and short which makes you want to go and explore what the rest of the site is like, and the few personal facts about himself makes him seem like an interesting person. Sometimes keeping it simple can be a great idea.



National Geographic takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of nature. Its kept information simple and well sorted so it’s easier to explore around. Lots of brilliant pictures and great content makes it a pretty good page.






Guðmundur, aka Gummi, has a pretty out of this world about page. Using big fonts, amusing headline statement and an interesting use of words, he has done an amazing work at catching the visitor’s attention. Like most great about us pages, Gummi has kept it short and light, although the background is a bit trippy to look at which makes it all the more cooler.






I know I’ve mentioned this one before but the Tumblr about Us is just really very awesome. It’s like a peak into the ever so awesome world of Tumblr. Plus it’s got basically everything Tumblr needs to tell you to make you hit the sign up button.

It starts with statistics of exactly how big the community is, adds some basic description of what Tumblr lets you do, gives a little peak of what happens inside Tumblr and has arranged all the details in neatly organized links on the side for those who want to know more.

Here’s another interesting one. Joseph Payton’s about page is neat and short with a cartoon drawing of himself.


Want your About Us to be a lead gen machine too. Send us an email and we’ll get right to it.

About the author / Aisha Khalid

Aisha Khalid is a content marketer who writes about conversion optimization and copywriting. Some would say she is obsessed with optimization techniques that take meh content and transform it into something that readers can gobble up. She’s on a mission to stomp out all corporate, boring speak giving way to words that actually matter.

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