Want to make a sale? Take Buyer Personas Into Account

Ever wondered why you fail to make a sale?

It doesn’t matter how much heart and soul you put into creating your website, writing posts for it and building landing pages for it- nothing ever seems to stick. There are no visitors banging down your door, no webinar registrants hungry to sign-up for your weekly webinars.

If you’re feeling all of these things, don’t sweat it, you’re not alone.

In fact, these feelings are highly common among marketers like you and me. This because more often than not marketers forget to take in account buyer personas.

So what is a buyer persona?

As the name suggests, a buyer’s persona essentially tells you how your potential customers are thinking when they are in the middle of deciding whether to actually buy your product. It is not simply a one dimensional profile of your consumers, in fact it is far from that. When creating buyer personas, it is important to keep in mind the customer demographics, motivations, goals and buyer thought process.

The more comprehensive and detailed it is, the better. Effective buyer personas help you learn more and more about your buyer’s decision process. In simple words, you can get to know the specific behaviour patterns and attitudes, concern and the criteria that are in play when the consumer chooses either you or your competitor.

An actionable buyer persona provides your business with useful and necessary insights. It will help you in determining where to focus all your energy and time.

This is how Hubspot defines buyer personas:

Buyer personas (sometimes referred to as marketing personas) are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. Personas help us all — in marketing, sales, product, and services — internalize the ideal customer we’re trying to attract, and relate to our customers as real humans. Having a deep understanding of your buyer persona(s) is critical to driving content creation, product development, sales follow up, and really anything that relates to customer acquisition and retention.

Get to know your buyers, Do Some Research

Everyone is different in their own unique way.

People belonging to the same demographic group have different buying behaviour and patterns. In order to truly get to know your current and potential buyers, you need to dig a little deeper. It is important to understand the situation and circumstances that are causing buyers to spend valuable time and resources into buying your product.

They must have a problem which they need to solve with your product.

Here’s an example; what if the marketing executive at your company has pain in handling the marketing metrics and campaign automation? A well prepared buyer persona will give you insight into the reception of your marketing solution.

All the best salesmen are good at judging character. In order to really attract concerned buyers to your website you need to take into account their buyer persona. Only then can you effectively sell your product by modifying and tailoring your website to the likes of your buyers.

Research is one of the most important parts of your buyer persona. Gathering relevant information will let you know about your buyers needs, making it easier for you to make important marketing decisions. If your business is already established, you should go for tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights.

These tools can gather important information which you will find useful during marketing campaigns. But if your business is not yet established, the best method for you is to analyze the traffic of one of your competitors, and start building your buyer persona from there.

This will also help you challenge them for a big chunk of the shared target market.

Media monitoring apps like Mention help your research in a huge way. Mention not only takes the pain out of the mundane process of research but also helps you analyze your online presence.

This will also help you challenge them for a big chunk of the shared target mark

How to create buyer personas

By now you are all probably pumped about this whole thing and can’t wait to apply all this useful information to your website. The million dollar question now would be: How can I create buyer personas?

Fortunately for you, buyer personas are actually pretty easy to create! The essence of creating a buyer persona is simply asking the right questions to the right people, and to showcase that information in such a way that the people in your business are very well familiar with your personas.

To make things easier and even more convenient, you can now download a free template of a buyer persona from Hubspot.


You’re welcome!

Sujan Patel of gives you a whopping 150 buyer persona questions you can ask your target market to figure out their persona.

You’re welcome, again.

Types of buyers you will encounter

The Eisenberg brothers put forward a lot of insightful information in their book, “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing.

When you start doing research and making buyer personas, you will come across four different types of buyers.

Every person has a different identity, and a different situation. These four buyer personas help you visualize your buyers and make important marketing decisions based on their behavior.


According to Crazy Egg competitive buyers make up 15 percent of the market, and will always be looking to have an edge over everyone else. They will make fast but logic based decisions, which is why you need to provide them with logical reasons why your product will give them an edge over everyone else. Competitive buyers will need proof of everything that you say, and you should be well prepared.

Spontaneous buyers make up a much larger portion of the market, around 30 percent. These buyers will not worry about numbers or statistics. Instead they want to feel like they have tried something new, which is an achievement for them. Marketing to these buyers is easy because you do not need to provide hard evidence to entice them. You need to give them the opportunity to be adventurous and do something unconventional.

The highest market share is that of methodical buyers; these people make decisions slowly after understanding the logic behind the solution. When trying to convince a methodical buyer, you need to provide them with all the necessary information. Trust is very important when marketing to a methodical buyer, because they do not make decisions unless they trust your solution entirely.

And finally, humanistic buyers that make up approximately 15 percent of the market. These buyers can be swayed by storytelling and creating an emotional connection with your product/solution. If they feel connected t your solution, they will grab onto it and never let go. Humanistic buyers make slow, emotion based decisions.

You now have all the information necessary to start making buyer personas for your business! Make sure you do thorough research and implement all the techniques you have taken on board today.

About the author / Aisha Khalid

Aisha Khalid is a content marketer who writes about conversion optimization and copywriting. Some would say she is obsessed with optimization techniques that take meh content and transform it into something that readers can gobble up. She’s on a mission to stomp out all corporate, boring speak giving way to words that actually matter.

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